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Trail Cam World

Trail Cam World is a website about using trail cameras to photograph and pattern various types of wildlife.  One of our main focuses is using them to pattern and hunt whitetail deer, but they can be used to photograph any type of wildlife, for scouting or conservation purposes, and they can even be used as remote security cameras for camps, vacation houses, etc.  In addition to useful information and reviews, we also offer trail cameras and other hunting equipment for rental.


My name is Scott and I have been hunting for over 20 years in Pennsylvania.  I hunt both private land and heavily pressured public land.  I don’t have anywhere near as much time to hunt anymore so I have learned to optimize my time in the woods by relying heavily on trail cameras to help pinpoint the best times and properties to hunt at any given point throughout the season.


I started off using Wildview trail cameras which were white flash and worked alright back then.  Shortly after having issues with one of their IR models I started experimenting with a number of other brands like Stealthcam, SpyPoint, Primos, Moultrie, and Bushnell.  Out of the dozen models I have experience with my favorite is by far the Bushnell Trophy Cam.  They have been the most reliable and longest lasting out of all of the brands/models that I have personally tried.  I put them to the test too, a number of my cameras are out 365 days per year.  We will try to review as many different camera models as possible each year.  

If you would like custom advice about which camera would suit your needs best feel free to text or call us at 412-354-0460.  


Hopefully Trail Cam World will be able to help you out in some way, even if its just entertainment.