Best Cellular Game Cams Under $100

Muddy ManifestMuddy Manifest
  • Under $100
  • 16 MP Images (with burst mode)
  • 0.8s Trigger speed
  • 80 Foot detection and IR flash range
  • Uses 8 AA Batteries
  • Works with Verizon and AT&T Networks
  • Command App with photo management plans starting at $5 per month
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  • Under $100
  • 10 MP camera
  • 0.5s Trigger speed
  • 80 Foot detection & flash ranges
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Free Mobile App for monitoring your photos
  • Spypoint offers the only free (for the first 100 pictures) data plan.  Paid plans start at $10 per month for 1,000 images.  
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  • Under $150
  • < 0.5s Trigger Speed
  • 96 Foot detection & flash range
  • 4G LTE (AT&T or Verizon)
  • Easy to use mobile app with daily status reports
  • Requires 12 AA Batteries
  • One Year Warranty
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Moultrie Mobile Delta Base CamMoultrie Mobile Delta Base Cam
  • Under $100
  • 24 MP Resolution Photos & Video w/ Audio
  • 80  Foot invisible flash range and detection range
  • 0.75s  Trigger Speed
  • Available in both Verizon & AT&T models
  • 2-year warranty with US based customer support
  • Free unlimited cloud storage — no purging of images after 30 days
  • Activity Charting feature lets you see which camera locations have the highest traffic for bucks, does, or turkeys based on temperature, time of day, and moon phase
  • Species recognition (buck, doe, turkey, person, vehicle – and more to come) plus SmartTags for advanced image filtering and custom alerts
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Cellular Game Cameras To Fit Any Budget

Even just a few years ago I never would have thought we would already be seeing cellular and wifi game cams priced as low as they are today.  They have dramatically dropped in price and now there are multiple cell cams available for less than $100.  

Spypoint Link Micro

The Spypoint Link Micro is the first camera I found that was reasonably priced both in terms of initial purchase price and also monthly data.  They can now be found for around $80 and they also have a free plan where you get the first 100 photos sent directly to your phone for free each month.  

Its the best cell cam on the market for anyone who is on a strict budget.  Another bonus is Spypoint’s 2 year warranty which is a big plus since its rare to come by on cameras under $100.  

Muddy Manifest

The Muddy Manifest is another great option that starts at just under $100.  Muddy’s cellular data plans start at $5 per month which means that not having a free plan is the only disadvantage versus the Link Micro.  I haven’t personally tested the Manifest yet, but plan to in the near future.  After I get a good feel for it, I will definitely write up a review and comparison and may need to perform a head to head test.  One disadvantage is that it only has a 1 year warranty when the other options have a 2 year warranty.

Moultrie Mobile Delta Base Cam


The Moultrie Mobile is yet another cell cam that is under $100.  Moultries data transmission plan is more expensive though, starting at $10 per month for 1,000 images and ten videos.  Well, I guess the price for 1,000 images is the same, however not having a lower plan is what it makes it higher than first two options we checked out.  It does come with a two year warranty as well which is better than the Muddy Manifest.  


Feature wise, all of these cameras come with very similar features.  A couple of the things that set them apart are the warranty and monthly data plan cost.  My favorite is the Link Micro due to its free plan and 2 year warranty.  The Muddy Manifest is a close second.  And the Moultrie comes in third since it has the most expensive base data plan, which starts at $10 per month.  

If you want to know what to consider when purchasing a camera check out our game camera buying guide

Last Updated:  September 4, 2022
By Scott