Best Cellular Trail Cameras w/ HD Video [2022]

Here are the best cellular game cams that can send video to your phone.

Covert Blackhawk LTE - Verizon RealtreeCovert Blackhawk LTE - Verizon Realtree
  • 14 MP Photos
  • 720p HD Video w/ Audio
  • 0.7 sec Trigger Speed
  • 100 foot Flash Range
  • 2 year Warranty
  • Verizon
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Moultrie Mobile Delta Base CameraMoultrie Mobile Delta Base Camera
  • 24 MP
  • Photo & Video w/ Audio
  • 80 - foot invisible flash and detection range
  • 0.75 s Trigger Speed
  • 2  year warranty
  • Available in both AT&T and Verizon models
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TACTACAM Reveal XB - Verizon & AT&TTACTACAM Reveal XB - Verizon & AT&T
  • 24 MP
  • Photo / HD Video
  • 0.5 sec Trigger Speed
  • 80 foot detection and flash range
  • Verizon or AT&T
  • 1 year warranty
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If You Need A Cellular Camera That Does HD Video AND Audio...

The Covert Blackhawk LTE is the best option we found for HD video plus audio. The Blackhawk LTE is packed with features including: 720p HD video with audio. The only disadvantages are the price is often between $250 – $300 and it is also only available for the Verizon LTE cellular network. It could make a good remote security camera based on all of its features as well.  

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