What Is A Camera Trap & Which Are The Best Camera Traps?

A camera trap is a remote camera that will capture images or video when it detects motion.  Camera traps are better known as trail cameras or game cams.  Camera trap is an older name that was more often used when people built their own DIY game cameras.   Now it is much cheaper to purchase one online.  In this article we will cover how they work plus some of our favorite models toward the end.

How Are They Used?

Trail cameras are most often used by hunters and wildlife researchers. It gives them the ability to scout and capture photos of wildlife with as little disruption to the natural habitat as possible.  They are primarily used by hunters to scout and pattern the movement of game such as whitetail deer. Wildlife researchers can use them to do research on endangered species. The researchers can use the cameras to estimate the number of animals in a specific area.

How Do They Work?

A camera trap has a sensor that will detect movement anytime an animal comes into view.  They often use PIR or passive infrared sensors which detect the infrared heat the animal gives off as it moves in front of the trap. When the motion sensor is triggered by an animal it would wake the camera up from a sleep mode and then take the specified number of photos or video.

Early cameras used film and took a single image, but they quickly improved and can now even send photos directly to your phone over a cellular network.

Recommend Camera Traps

There are two brands of cameras that I prefer. I’ve been using Bushnell Trail Cameras for years and highly recommend them. They have a really good blend of features and are backed by a good warranty. I’ve even received, help with some cameras that were outside of the warranty period.

The second model I have started using more recently but am really liking is the Spypoint Link Micro. It can be found for under $150 and will even send images to your cell phone for free.

The main reason I like it so much is because of the free monthly usage which allows you to view the first 100 pictures it takes for free each month. If you want more you can always sign up for a monthly plan.

Out of all the cellular trail cameras I have checked out this is the only one with a free plan.


Last Updated On July 18, 2021
By Scott