How To Use A Trail Camera As A Cellular Security Camera

Trail Cameras Can Be The Perfect Solution For 2nd Home or Cabin Security

How Do Cellular Security Cameras Work?

A security camera is able to send pictures or videos directly to your phone because it has a cellular plan and sim card.  It does not require wifi, but you do have to make sure your cellular coverage is good enough in the area you plan to use it.  

They do not take pictures or video continuously like standard security cameras typically do.  Trail cameras are triggered when a person, vehicle, or animal moves into the detection zone of the camera.  When this happens it starts taking pictures or recording video.  You can set how many pictures or how long the video should be recorded for.  

These cameras also have infrared LEDs that help create high quality night time photos or videos.  A high quality trail camera will have just as good of a picture quality as a normal security camera.  The only major difference is that it doesn’t take continuous video.  

Cellular Trail Cameras The Perfect Alternative To Expensive Cellular Security Cameras

Cellular trail cameras are easy to setup and run remotely in areas with no power or wifi.  This makes them a great solution for cabin security.  They run off of an average of 8AA batteries and can run for months at a time (depending on the model and configuration).  

Another advantage of cellular game cameras is cost.  They have recently dropped in price and can now be found for less than $100.  You usually need to pay a small monthly fee for the cellular plan, but Spypoint has recently come out with an app that will send the first 100 pictures each month for free.  Spypoint’s Link Micro is in the picture to the right.  

Spypoint Link Micro Cellular Trail Camera

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Cellular Camera

  • Cellular Plan – If the camera will be located in an area with alot of foot traffic the monthly cost could be high.
  • Detection and Flash Zone – Think about where the camera will be located and make sure it will be able to detect and light up the subject.
  • Security – Yes, you might want to purchase a lock box to help secure your security camera. Strategic placement will go a long way though.
Stealth Cam Cellular Game Camera

Our Favorite Cellular Game Camera

We haven’t had a chance to test all of them out yet since there are about ten different cellular trail cameras on the market, basically one from each of the major manufacturers.  Out of the few we have tried so far, we have really liked the Spypoint Link Micro.  Its actually the cheapest to buy, and the cheapest to run monthly as well.  Its a high quality camera so you can’t go wrong at under $150.

Learn more about trail cameras in our frequently asked questions.  

Last Updated: September 21, 2023