Cellular Trail Camera Plans Cost Comparison Table

Cellular Data Plan Comparison Table

Things To Consider When Choosing A Cellular Trail Cam & Data Plan

There are some major differences to keep in mind when comparing data plans for photo transmission. 

  • Pricing Method – Some manufacturers base their pricing on a per picture basis, others use pricing that is based on data (MB).  
  • Thumbnail vs High Resolution Images – Some plans initially send low resolution thumbnail images to the app, but give you the option to select which photos you want to view in high resolution.  (The full resolution photos are stored on your SD card and can be view manually like normal).  
  • GSM vs CDMA 
    Some game camera models or brands only work with one carrier.  Before switching to 4G LTE, carriers used either GSM or CDM.  Verizon used CDMA and AT&T used GSM.
  • Image vs Video – Some plans include both images and video.  Others charge an additional fee for video.  

Spypoint Cameras Data Plans

Spypoint has one of the best data plans since they offer a free plan that is good for up to 100 photos per month.  The second plan is $5 per month for 1,000 photos.  The unlimited plan is $15 per month or $10 per month if its paid annually.  Learn more about how the Spypoint cellular cameras work here.

Free – 100 photos / month
$5    – 1,000 photos / month
$15  – unlimited photos

Spypoint Plans

Muddy Manifest Data Plans

The Muddy data plans start at $5  for 650 photos.  They also offer a $10 plan that includes 2,000 images per month.   Their unlimited plan is $15 per month.  

Muddy Manifest Cellular Plans

Moultrie Mobile Cellular Data Plans

Moultrie’s Mobile Plans start at $10 per month for 1,000 photos and 10 videos.  Their unlimited plan is $17 per month and gets you unlimited photos and 50 videos.  Not all competitors include videos so this can be an advantage.

Moultrie Mobile Plans

Covert Data Transmission Plans

Covert plans start at $5 for 100 photos.  They have multiple other options you can view below and their unlimited plans are $19.99 per month.  

Covert Data Plans

Tactacam Cellular Plans

$5 – 250 photos
$13 – Unlimited

Tactacam Plans

Browning Defender Wireless Plans

The Browning Defender wireless plans start at $10 per month for $9.99 and go up to Unlimited plans for $17.99 per month.  The plans with specific photo limits include additional high resolution image downloads.  The unlimited plan does not include any high res images, just the standard thumbnail images.    

Bushnell Cellular Plans

Bushnell includes both hi resolution images and videos in their unlimited plan.  Which makes it a really interesting option since very few competitors offer the same unlimited plan.  You can learn more about the Bushnell data plans here.

Bushnell Cell Cam Plans

Exodus Render Plans

Exodus Render Plans

The best option for people who won’t have many photos each month would most likely be one of the two cell cam brands on this page that offer free plans.  If you have a need for unlimited photos, you could go with just about any brand and be around $15 per month.  Some brands do have some additional benefits though such as not having an additional camera charge.  

Last Updated:  November 27, 2022
By Scott