Cellular Trail Cameras With A Free Plan [2023]

Cheapest Cellular Data Plan For Trail Cameras

The average cellular data plan for game cameras cost from as low as $0 up to $30 per month. There are a couple brands that have free plans for the first 100 photos each month.   They can send photos to your phone without paying monthly for a data plan.  

You should be aware that some charge based on actual data transmitted while others charge based on the number of pictures sent.

Spypoint's Free Plan

Spypoint was the first manufacturer to release a trail cam with a free plan back in 2020. The Link Micro has been around for a while and has sold quite a few cameras.  Spypoint released their Flex model in 2022 and is an improvement over the Link Micro (The Flex’s Details are below).

Overall, they have decent reviews, however some of them are negative. I can speak from personal experience, this camera did have some bugs in the past. You could work through it, if you were patient and willing to update the firmware. At least, that’s all I had to do. I can definitely see why people who aren’t as familiar with technology get really frustrated with issues like this. You want a camera to work as is out of the box. Luckily, they have been on the market for two years now, so all of the bugs should be worked out at this point.

Spypoint Pricing Plans

List Of The Spypoint Cellular Pricing Plans

Spypoint Flex

Spypoint recently released their Flex model which is new for 2022. It has a better camera, plus the ability to record HD video with audio, which is one feature their Link Micro was lacking. Considering that its also just about $100, this could end up being the best cellular trail camera on the market (at least in a budget friendly price range).

The Flex also has a dual SIM configuration which means it can utilize multiple cellular networks to transmit photos or video. If one network loses signal it will switch and use the other network while its stronger. This will be a major benefit for people who hunt in remote areas where cell service is lacking. I will do an in depth review after I get a better test of its battery life and additional camera settings.

Wildgame Innovations Also Offer A Zero Cost Cellular Data Plan

The Wildgame Innovations Terra Cam is a newer camera model that was released in 2022. It doesn’t have many reviews yet, but some of them are bad, I am testing one now and will provide a detailed review in the near future.  They offer a free cellular plan that will also send you the first 100 pictures each month.

WGI Data Plans

How much do Cellular Trail Camera Plans cost?

Cellular plans for trail cameras are often between $5 to $15 per month, however there are also a couple brands like Spypoint and Wildgame Innovations who offer free plans.


In my opinion both of these cameras have similar features and price point. They both have mobile apps and free (100 photos per month) cellular data plans with no monthly cost.. The paid plans for both Spypoint and Wildgame Innovations start at $5 per month for 250 pictures per month. 

Both work with Verizon or AT&T, (using the plans via Spypoint or Wildgame Innovations). The Flex has a slightly faster trigger speed at 0.3 seconds, but its dual SIM, and HD video with audio are the two features that really set it apart from the competition.

Currently, I have more experience with Spypoint cameras so I would recommend the Flex at this point in time. Either that, or buy both before they change their minds and stop offering a free plan. This way you can test both and its still a reasonable price, considering you wouldn’t have been able to get one cell camera for the price of these two just a few years ago. 

Last Updated: September 21, 2023
By Scott