Frequently Asked Trail Camera Questions

How Do Trail Cameras Work?

Trail Cameras are a type of remote camera that function similar to how a digital camera works.  Game cameras are very useful when monitoring remote locations.  The camera gets triggered when a person or animal enters the detection zone of the camera.  This will trigger the camera to take a photo or video and store it on the cameras memory card.  Some trail cameras can also send pictures to your phone.

How Do Wireless Trail Cameras Work?

The way that most wireless or cellular trail cameras work, is by sending pictures to your cell phone via a mobile data plan and SIM card, just like a normal cell phone works.  There a number of factors that will affect the quality, cost, and quantity of pictures that can be sent each month as well.

Do Trail Cameras Make Noise?

The majority of game cameras do not make noise while operating.  Some older models did make a slight noise when a day/night filter changed, etc.

Do Trail Cameras Flash At Night?

Trail cameras do utilize a flash to take pictures at night.  The intensity of that flash varies greatly depending on the model, type of flash, etc.  Some are not visible at all to the naked eye, while others can be seen easily. 

How Do Trail Cameras Detect Motion?

Trail cameras use a PIR or passive infrared detector to detect motion.  Animals, people, and even plants give off infrared energy that can be detected by this sensor.  The sensor triggers the camera when it detects the infrared energy moving across its detection zones.

Can Trail Cameras Be Used For Security?

A trail camera can be a great security camera in areas that either don’t have power or a good location for a regular security camera.  They can be a great option for security at a hunting camp or cabin that wouldn’t need a full blown security system.   A cellular camera is best since it will send you pictures.  The Spypoint Link Micro is an amazing cellular camera because you don’t need to pay for a monthly data plan.  The first 100 pictures will be sent to your phone via the Spypoint app for free (however you can pay if you want all of the pictures sent).

Why Is My Trail Camera Not Taking Pictures?

There are multiple things that can cause your trail camera to not take pictures.  This could be a problem with the cameras detection system, the PIR sensor that detects movement, or even something simple like a problem with the current settings. 

  • One of the first things you should check is the setting for detection sensitivity, (if there is one on your game camera).  It may not be taking photos because the sensitivity is set too low. Test it out with it turned all the way up or down.
  • Double check that you are arming the camera properly as well.  Some cameras have a series of buttons you need to press to put them into an active picture taking mode.  
  • Make sure the camera is angled properly in the direction an animal would walk past.  The camera should be aimed so horizontal with the ground and be placed about 2.5 feet off the ground if you are trying to photograph average sized wildlife like deer, turkeys, etc.  
  • If you are sure the camera is setup and armed properly to take photos, and you can’t get it to trigger when walking past it relatively close or waving your hands directly in front of it, there could be a problem with the detection system.  It will probably need to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.  
Last Updated: 3-5-2020