Spypoint Cell Link Cellular Adapter | How It Works + Review

Spypoint Cell-Link

The SPYPOINT Cell Link-V Universal Verizon Cellular Adapter allows you to quickly convert nearly any normal or non cellular trail cam to a cellular camera regardless of the manufacturer.

The Spypoint Cell Link Universal Cellular Adapter can be used to turn any normal or non cellular trail camera into a cellular camera. The CELL-LINK connects to your trail camera via the micro SD card slot. One major advantage is that it can work with many brands, not just Spypoint. It will send pictures from the trail camera to your phone via the Spypoint mobile app.

Personally, I think you are better off getting a brand new Spypoint Flex considering they can be found for less than $100 right now.  This could also save you some headaches while trying to get another brand of camera to work well with this antenna.  

Spypoint Cell-Link

The Cell Link is available in three different versions:

  • USA Verizon
  • USA Nationwide (AT&T, Sprint, Etc)
  • Canada
  • Don’t forget to confirm there is sufficient coverage in your area for the network you choose.
  • The Cell Link uses a micro SD card. Spypoint recommends using a Class 10 SDHC micro SD card between 2 and 32 GB.

Overall, the Spypoint Cell Link universal cellular adapter is a game changer. Spypoint has been pushing the limits and releasing cutting edge cellular cameras and accessories at very affordable prices. Cellular game cams were an expensive transition for many hunters who have already purchased large numbers of trail cams. This universal antenna can be a great option for people who have non cellular trail cameras they love. You can get it for under $60 at the following link.


How much is Spypoint Cell Link a month?

The price ranges from 100 pictures per month for free to an unlimited subscription for $15 per month. The Cell Link utilizes eight AA batteries and a microSD card connection.

Which cellular network does Spypoint Cell Link use?

Spypoint Cell-Link overview Can you switch your trail cam to mobile phones or tablets using the Spypoint Cell Link mobile camera adapter? The cell link connects to the camera’s SD card slot. It can use one of the following three models or networks (USA Verizon, USA Nationwide, Canada)

How To Set Up The Cell Link

Play Video about How To Activate Spypoint Cell-Link