Spypoint Flex Specifications & Review [2023]

Spypoint Flex

The Flex is Spypoint’s newest cellular camera, which was released in 2022.  It has some unique features that none of their competitors offer.  Its available in both USA and Canada models and is setup to use the best cellular network that is currently available to it.  Its also GPS enabled and can record HD Video with audio.   At about $100 its one of the best priced cameras with all of those features.  

Photo Of the Spypoint Flex Cam

Spypoint Flex Specifications

Spypoint Flex
🚀 Trigger Speed
0.3 seconds
📷 Photo Quality
10 MP
⚡ Flash Range
80 ft
🔍 Detection Range
80 ft
🔋 Batteries
8 AA
Photo & Video (w/ audio)
📱 Mobile App?
Spypoint App
👍 Warranty
2 Years
🆓 Free Plan?
100 Photos / mo

Dual Sim Configuration

The Spypoint Flex uses a Dual Sim setup, which gives it the ability to provide better cellular service in a wider range of areas.  If one network has a poor signal, it will automatically switch over and use a different network to transmit the photos or videos.  

Flex Cellular Plans

Spypoint offers the same cellular data plans for the Flex as they offer for the Link Micro line of trail cameras.  They are still offering a complimentary plan that will get you 100 photos each month at no cost to you.  You can view the only three cameras with no monthly charge here.  

  • Free Plan – 100 photos per month.  High resolution photo and video downloads are an additional cost.  
  • $5 per month – Their Basic plan gets you 250 photos for $5 per month.  
  • $10 per month – 1,000 photos
  • $15 per month – Unlimited
List Of The Spypoint Cellular Pricing Plans

How Spypoint's Cellular Plans And Mobile App Work

The Spypoint FLEX can be connected to Spypoint’s mobile app.  This is the easiest way to have your camera transmit photos to your phone.  Using the app, you can adjust the camera settings remotely and even update its firmware.  

Technically, the photos are transmitted from your trail camera to Spypoint’s server or web app.  After that, you can either view them on your phone via the mobile app or login and view them on Spypoint’s web app.  The images and videos are stored on Spypoint’s server so you don’t need to worry about them using up storage space on your phone.

Camera Settings Will Affect Battery Life

There are a number of obvious features that will affect battery life.  For example, the delay time, photo or video quality, the number of photos or length of videos taken, will all affect battery life.  However, there are other factors that aren’t as obvious like how often the camera transmits photos to the app.  Spypoint calls this the Sync Frequency and the sync intervals include:

Sync Frequency (Times Per Day, Followed by Time Intervals)

  • 1 time per day (24 hours)
  • 2 times per day (12 hours)
  • 4 times per day (6 hours)
  • 6 times per day (4 hours)
  • 12 times per day (2 hours)
  • After Every Detection

It will depend on your specific use case, but most people will be ok with 1 time per day, (every 24 hours), to help extend battery life.  If you were using the camera for security reasons, you might want to use a faster sync frequency like each detection.  The downside of using each detection is that it uses more power to keep connecting to the Spypoint servers so many times a day.  If you use one of the batch settings it will only connect at the specified times and then send all the pictures taken in the past 2, 4, 6, 12, or 24 hours.  This saves power by sending the photos or videos over in large batches.  

Like most camera manufacturers, Spypoint transmits thumbnail images initially, and gives you the option to select which photos you want to view in full HD quality within the app.  You pay on a per-photo basis, where $5 gets you 50 high-resolution images.  

Last Updated:  December 18, 2022
By:  Scott