Best Verizon Trail Camera Data Plans

Best Verizon Cellular Trail Camera Plans

You will be happy to find that most cellular trail cams actually have a Verizon compatible model available. Most of the costs listed below are per camera but some brands do specify that you can add additional cameras to a data plan. The majority of plans are between $5 -15 per month.

Recent trail cameras have started using manufacturer based plans, where you don’t need to worry about purchasing a separate data plan.  You just sign up via their app on your phone or via their website and select one of their photo plans.  If you have an older cell cam, then you may still need to go direct to Verizon.

Bushnell Cellucore

The Bushnell Cellucore 20 and Cellucore 30 are available with Verizon SIM cards. The Bushnell Cellucore 20 is a budget friendly cell cam that has a standard plan for $10 per month that includes 2,000 thumbnail images, 10 high resolution images, and 5 videos. Their unlimited plan is $15 per month.

Spypoint Cameras

The Spypoint Flex is a unique camera that comes setup for both Verizon and AT&T when you purchase it. It has a dedicated SIM card and 4G LTE antenna for each carrier. This will make the Flex a great option for anyone who may need to switch locations and need both carriers to get the best cell signal in both locations.

Spypoint also offers a free plan that will transmit the first 100 photos free each month. Spypoint’s unlimited photos plan is $15 per month per camera.

Covert Scouting Cameras

Most Covert wireless cell cameras currently come a in Verizon version. You can typically tell their models apart by whether the model number ends in “-V” for Verizon or “-A” for AT&T. Covert’s Verizon models include the WC30-V and WC20-V. You can check out their main features and specs below.


Tactacam’s Reveal cellular camera is also available with a Verizon data plan. Tactacam’s data plans cost from $5 for 250 photos per month up to $13 for unlimited photos.

Exodus Render 4G LTE

The Render 4G LTE by Exodus Outdoor Gear is just available in a Verizon version. The Exodus cellular trail camera data plans are priced based on the number of MB transmitted, and can be used for multiple cameras. Their plans start at $1 for 5 MB of data per month, which would be around 100 photos. Their highest plan is $220 for 10 GB per month which would be roughly 200,000 images. They also charge a $7 line fee per camera.

Exodus Outdoor Gear also offers a 5 year no BS warranty.

Spartan Camera Go Cam M

The Spartan GoCam M is similar to the Spypoint Flex in that it uses multiple 4G/LTE cellular carriers and will switch back and forth to provide you with the best service available in your region. Spartan offers a data based data plan that gives you 1 GB of data for $22.99 per month.

Moultrie Mobile Delta Base Cam

Moultrie’s Mobile Delta Base Cam is available in a Verizon model. Moultrie offers three different data plan options. The standard plan for a single camera is $10 per month and includes 1,000 photos and 10 videos. The single camera unlimited plan is $17 per month and also give you 50 videos per month. 

The pro series plan is $35 per month for unlimited images and 50 videos. The pro series plan is a shared data plan that is set up for multiple cameras, however it is $8 / mo for each extra camera. So it begins making more sense when you have at least four cameras.

Cellular Camera Data Plan Features To Consider

Cellular Carrier – Most cameras come setup for a single carrier. Most cellular game cameras come in a Verizon or AT&T model. Be sure to choose the one with the best cellular signal in your area.

Data Plan Structure – Is it photo or data based? Do you need unlimited photos or unlimited data each month?

Multiple Cameras – A small number of manufacturers let you use multiple cameras on a single data plan. The majority of them use a one camera price model that gives you X photos per month for $X. Additional cameras are also at $X per month. The manufacturers with multi camera plans will usually charge a higher price for the first camera and then a lowers fee to add additional cameras on.

Timeframe – Some brands give you the ability to pay monthly, pay annually, and a couple of them have specials that are good for just three or four months at the peak of the hunting season.

Video or Video with Audio – A few of the cellular game cameras on the market have the ability to record HD video (some with audio too).